Form Adaptive Response

Form Adaptive Response (F.A.R) add-on produces professional adaptive confirmation and notification emails and pre-templated invoices for Google Forms.

The FAR has the ability to merge the Forms' submissions into the email's content and pre-templated docs file.

With multiple scenarios (all plans) that each of which contains various conditions, we believe this app may be set to respond adaptively to most of Forms-specific submissions.


Our typical clients don't like the daily limit

"Big companies/organizations (consumer goods, e-commerce, education) have many Form's submissions every day, F.A.R. can handle it all: flexibility, personalization, and zero omissions "

Mission of the project

Help Form's admin give the most personalized response with every respondents. 

F.A.R. support both Html email and .Pdf invoice

Google Forms - most popular and useful app for online survey and registration


Response Scenarios

FAR send separate contents based on separate Scenarios

Various Conditions

A scenario is built from various conditions

Docs templates

Beautiful templates, the generated pdf files will be saved by Scenarios and dates   

Merge Submission fields

Forms' answer fields be merged into email and invoice




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