FAR continues the development of notification add-ons for Google Forms 

A brief history

Google created add-ons for Forms very early, in the first sample scripts, there was a script for the notifications feature. Therefore, applications of this type are available early, many and diverse.

Like many other developers, notification is also one of the first add-ons that Vietutd got acquainted with and developed. For example, FCE is still operating sustainably and steadily.

Where we are today

However, after a long time developing other applications for scheduling, mailing, translation,... we have accumulated more skills. Besides, the recognition and demand for a Notification application is also more comprehensive.

We decided to build a new, powerful, flexible and efficient Notification add-on with a wide range of users. The special requirement is, it should also be easy to use. Anyone can use it without reading the manual.

We hope that FAR will become an effective assistant for users in their work and online communication. Thank you all for being with us and supporting us all the time.