Based on FCE's feedback

Dear user,

From the feedback of users of the "Form Confirmation Emails" add-on, we are excited to come up with a new add-on that can simultaneously send many different emailing scenarios. Each scenario has a filter of different conditions. And another requirement is how to have a pdf file generated from a separate template for each of the above scenarios.

If it can do that, it's great for existing FCE users, it can help users customize it to apply to a lot of works.

But conceivably it is also hard to be developed right? We've been thinking about it for a long time.

And the good news is, today it has become an add-on ready for you to use like FCE, it will be another solution if you need it, besides FCE. Since you're already using FCE, it's easy to get used to the new add-on's interface.

Let's get acquainted, here it is: Form Adaptive Response (we called it F.A.R)